The Journey Revisited

March 13, 2022

Austin Wintory’s Game Changing Game Score, Journey, Reimagined in Full Symphonic Odyssey

On this day in 2012, thatgamecompany released the award-winning, critically-acclaimed video game Journey. Scored by composer Austin Wintory, Journey forever changed the world of video game music when it became the first and only video game score to ever be nominated for a Grammy Award, remaining so to this day.

In celebration of Journey’s 10th Anniversary, T-65b Records has release Traveler: A Journey Symphony by Austin Wintory. This new album re-orchestrates and reimagines the entire score, transforming it from an intimate piece to a grandly symphonic one. The intimacy of the original, built from a few soloists and a small string ensemble, is now brought to life by the London Symphony Orchestra, the London Voices choir, Tina Guo, and a dozen acclaimed singers.

Austin Wintory conducting

“In 2012 my life was changed forever by the release of Journey, owed entirely to the generous support and love shown by the players and listeners. I truly can’t imagine my world without it, and all the new friends and artists it brought into my life, new career opportunities and adventures,” said Wintory. “The last 10 years I’ve gotten so many utterly beautiful messages from people, telling of their relationship to the game. There’s been this recurring fantasy: to play and experience the game for the first time again. To feel it all anew. So, I wrote this album as a giant love letter and blast of gratitude to those people, for all the generosity they’ve shown me this past decade, in the hopes that maybe this album offers a fresh take and delivers a taste of that ‘for the first time’ feeling.”  

Traveler: A Journey Symphony was recorded at St. Luke’s in London with the London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices Choir, conducted by Wintory himself. The album was jointly produced by Wintory and Andrea Pessino, co-founder of the acclaimed game studio Ready at Dawn.

The new album can be purchased now from bandcamp or sampled on Distrokid, which also includes a Spotify link.

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