The Sea Monster and the Runaway Girl

July 7, 2022

Soundtrack Released from Netflix Animation film THE SEA BEAST – Scored by Mark Mancina

Produced in-house at Netflix Animation, the computer-animated adventure film THE SEA BEAST was released to select theaters on June 24, 2022, before debuting on Netflix on July 8. The project is the solo feature film directorial debut of Chris Williams, an animator, screenwriter, and voice actor who previously directed the short film GLAGO’S GUEST and co-directed BOLT, which was nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2009, BIG HERO 6, which won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2015 and MOANA, which was nominated for two Oscars for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song in 2016.

The film, which tells the story of a young girl who stows away on the ship of a sea monster hunter, who has an epiphany when a stowaway girl befriends the most dangerous monster of all, features the voices of Karl Urban, Zaris-Angel Hator, Jared Harris, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Dan Stevens, and Kathy Burke. Animation services are provided by Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Composer Mark Mancina (SPEED, TWISTER, TRAINING DAY, Disney’s TARZAN, THE HAUNTED MANSION, PLANES, and MOANA, CRY MACHO) has scored the film. The digital soundtrack releases tomorrow, July 8th, from Milan Records under exclusive license from Netflix Music LLC and will be available from Amazon, Apple Music, and other sources.

Watch the film’s trailer, dropped today by Netflix:

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