The Spirit of La Llorona Lives

July 9, 2022

THE LEGEND OF LA LLORONA From Composer Tim Wynn Released by MSM

MovieScore Media revealed the original score by Tim Wynn to the 2022 horror feature film THE LEGEND OF LA LLORONA directed by Patricia Harris Seeley, starring Danny Trejo, Autumn Reeser and Antonio Cupo. The plot follows a young couple and their young son as they travel from California to Mexico for a much needed vacation, but the getaway is not what they think; tales of missing children along with the town legend of La Llorona soon encompass their trip when the spirit begins to torment the Candlewood family and kidnaps Danny.

“When I first saw THE LEGEND OF LA LLORONA with director Patricia Seeley, we wanted to come at this genre a little differently,” said composer Tim Wynn. “The music really needed to convey how tragic this story is. The movie is scary, and it has supernatural elements but we wanted the emotion of the story to be front and center. Our first thought was that the score really needed to have a voice that could humanize La Llorona and I was fortunate to be able to collaborate with the amazing vocalist Aeralie Brighton. She really brings the score to life and adds an extra dimension to the music.”

Tim Wynn is a Los Angeles-based composer for film, television, and video games. He studied film music at USC under Elmer Bernstein, Christopher Young, Buddy Baker, and Jerry Goldsmith. Wynn began writing music for media in 2004, starting with THE PUNISHER video game. In 2007, he teamed up with longtime partner Christopher Lennertz for WARHAWK; the score was recognized as one of the best video game scores for 2007 by IGN and the International Film Music Critics Association. He went on to score various installments of the long-running COMMAND & CONQUER franchise. Wynn’s recent credits include THE EXPERIENCE, SUPERNATURAL (CW), XCOM2 (2K Games), Mech-X4 (Disney XD) and TOTAL WAR (Creative Assembly). His score for FREAKS (2019) has also been released by MovieScore Media.

For more details and sampling the music, see MovieScore Media.

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