The Time Machine Returns

December 28, 2021

Russell Garcia’s Remastered Rescore of THE TIME MACHINE Soundtrack Coming Soon

Inspired by director George Pal’s Academy Award®-winning 1960 classic film, THE TIME MACHINE is perhaps Russell Garcia’s most well known musical work – a thrilling symphonic score bursting with a sense of wonder and adventure.

The music is a wonderful mix of dynamism and romanticism that is both beautiful and uplifting. In Garcia’s inspired hands, we can hear the loving themes of Filby and The Time Traveler (their friendship comes alive through the ages), the glorious Time Machine (a mechanism we fully believed could perform the fantastic), the beautiful and terrifying H. G. Wells’ worlds of the Eloi and the Morlocks – rekindled with a resonance both heartbreaking and unforgettable.

In 1987, Garcia recreated his breathtaking music again with The Graunke Symphony Orchestra in Munich, Germany which resulted in this landmark re-recording. Now after 35 years since the initial vinyl and CD, Russell’s rescoring and conducting of his brilliant TIME MACHINE composition is back. Remastered from the original digital stereo elements, this new version includes previously unreleased tracks. The bonus suite from 1961’s ATLANTIS, THE LOST CONTINENT that Garcia rescored is also included.

The CD will come in a jewel case with a 20 page color booklet that features background and an exclusive interview with Russell Garcia. Cover and graphic design by Jim Titus. Liner notes by producer Arnold Leibovit.

This sensational Limited Edition should excite music collectors everywhere! Pre-orders are being taken now – the CD will ship during February 2022. For more details, to see complete track list, or to order, see

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