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April 10, 2022

Liam Bates’ Soundtrack to Horror Comedy LET THE WRONG ONE IN Released by MSM

From Workshed Films comes the action/comedy/horror film LET THE WRONG ONE IN, directed by Conor McMahon, starring Anthony Head, David Pearse and Eoin Duffy, and released by MPI Media Group (USA). Referencing the title of the 2008 Swedish horror film LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, this new film has to do with a young supermarket worker discovers his older brother is a vampire and has to choose whether to help him or slay him.

The film has been scored by Liam Bates, a composer, arranger and conductor of music for film and television since 1995. Born in the UK, he now lives in Ireland. He is known for scoring the films EARTHBOUND (2013), LAST PASSENGER (2013) LEAP YEAR (2010), GHOSTWOOD (2008), and SHOWGIRLS (1995).

Bates said of scoring LET THE WRONG ONE IN: “Although [the film] is a comedy horror, the themes in the score remain foreboding with suspenseful undertones and the occasional frantic jolt. The tale is set in the heart of modern-day Dublin, with references to old Transylvania. I  echoed these references by using a cimbalom (hammered dulcimer family) and a virtuosic solo violin, played by Lynda O’Connor, all of which sit within a darkly shaded orchestral score. A haunting solo vocal line points to the vampiric spectre which is rapidly spreading through the city.”

The Swedish label MovieScore Media has released Bates’ score for LET THE WRONG ONE IN (and previously released his LAST PASSENGER score). For more details and to sample the score, see MovieScore Media

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