August 5, 2020

David Russo Releases His Music for GOTHAM Seasons Two through Five

GOTHAM S2-3-4-5 albums

Composer David Russo (PENNYWORTH, NIKITA, THE TOMORROW PEOPLE) has released four new soundtrack albums for the Fox drama GOTHAM, which tell the back story of young Bruce Wayne, James Gordon, and other characters within Batman’s portion of the DC Extended Universe.

Russo has selected choice tracks of his original music from the series’ second, third, fourth, and fifth seasons, which have not previously been available (the only soundtrack from GOTHAM to be released was a WaterTower 2018 album featuring Russo’s & Graeme Revell’s music from GOTHAM’s first season). Russo’s four digital soundtracks bring the show’s impressive musical concepts and series-wide development to a proper series-wide arc. Each album contains approximately 30 tracks, and are available to stream/download on Amazon, Apple Music, and other digital music stores/services.  

-via filmmusicreporter <<which see for tracklist and additional details.

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