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December 17, 2021

THE WHEEL OF TIME: Season 1, Volume 3 Soundtrack by Lorne Balfe Available Now From Milan Records

Milan Records has released THE WHEEL OF TIME: Season 1, Vol. 3, the soundtrack to the Amazon original series featuring the music composed by Lorne Balfe for the remaining episodes in the show’s first season, which have debuted each Friday on Prime Video. Today’s release marks the third and final volume of music from the first season, following the release of The First Turn themes album and the Volume 1 and Volume 2 soundtracks.

The series’ vast musical universe was initially introduced with the release of THE WHEEL OF TIME: The First Turn, a conceptual album of key themes written by Balfe for the characters, settings, and ideas central to the show. The 14-track collection provides a foundation for the fantasy series’ rich soundscape, with many of Balfe’s final score cues developing as variations of these initial themes. In addition to the album’s digital release, The First Turn soundtrack is also set to arrive in spatial audio, giving listeners a completely immersive listening experience with enhanced clarity, as well as in vinyl format, sometime in 2022.

As introduced with The First Turn album, THE WHEEL OF TIME soundscape includes a number of vocal contributions performed in Old Tongue, a language specific to the series. Balfe enlisted a group of talented vocalists to perform on the soundtracks, including singer-songwriter and frontman of chart-topping Britpop group Go West Peter Cox, pop/folk singer-songwriter Abby Lyons, folk-Americana quartet Our Native Daughters and more.

The soundtracks are produced by 14th Street Music, a production company owned by Hans Zimmer, Steve Kofsky and Lorne Balfe.

THE WHEEL OF TIME: Season 1, Volume 3 digital soundtrack is now available at these links.

– via Milan Records

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