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February 2, 2022

Pascal Gaigne has Scored Vampire Thriller ALL THE MOONS

– Randall D. Larson

ALL THE MOONS (Ilargi Guztiak: Todas las lunas) is a 2020 Spanish fantasy-drama taking place in the late 19th century in which a little girl, hurt by a bomb at the end of the third Carlist war, is saved by a woman who brings her eternal life. Directed by Igor Legarreta and scripted by Legarreta and Jon Sagalá. The film stars Haizea Carneros, Josean Bengoetxea, & Itziar Ituño.

The movie has been scored by noted film composer Pascal Gaigne. Born in 1958 in France, he has lived in San Sebastian (Spain) since 1985. He studied under Guy Maneveau at the University of Pau (France) and under Bertrand Dubedout in National Conservatory of Toulouse, Gaigne is a multifaceted composer, working in different fields like films, concerts and stage music. Scoring films in Spain since 1986, Gaigne has become one of the most celebrated Basque composers thanks to his work for the big screen, with such prestigious recognitions as the Goya Award for the movie HANDIA.

A soundtrack album is available from Spanish label Quartet Records, which describes the score: “Pascal Gaigne provides a large symphonic and dark score, written for full orchestra with subtle electronic design, where different soloists act as the inner voices of the characters—especially cello, harp and piano. Performed by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra under the baton of David Hernando Rico, this album represents, once again, the powerful and unique voice of Pascal Gaigne within the contemporary European film music community.”

ALL THE MOONS has exhibited in several film festivals over the last two years, and will premiere on Shudder in its U.S., UK/Ireland, and Australia/New Zealand platforms on February 10.

Detailed Synopsis: North of Spain, end of the 19th century. During the final throes of the last Carlist war, a little girl is rescued from an orphanage by a mysterious woman who lives deep inside the forest. Badly wounded and close to death, the girl believes the woman to be an angel who has come to take her to Heaven. Soon, however, she will discover that what this strange being has actually given her is the gift of eternal life… by turning her into a vampire.

Scene from ALL THE MOONS

Left with no choice but to accept her new condition, she will have to learn to live in the profound and painful loneliness of time, trapped inside her little girl’s body. An infinity of moons go by before, one day, she meets Cándido, a humble man who takes her in and treats her as if she were his own daughter. Now the little girl will be set on a new path, one that will see her rebel against her animalistic nature and revive in her the hope of getting back the life that was stolen from her.

– via filmmax Intl

Watch the film’s trailer (in Spanish with English subtitles):

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