Uncertain Rental, Ghostly Boarder

August 24, 2022

Ghost Thriller MID-CENTURY Scored by Vivek Maddala

Gardener Recordings has released a soundtrack album for the horror thriller MID-CENTURY, featuring the music of composer Vivek Maddala (THE TOM AND JERRY SHOW, ASIAN AMERICANS, WHITE SUN). MID-CENTURY is helmed by actress/director Sonja O’Hara (ROOT LETTER, DOOMSDAY series) and stars Shane West, Sarah Hay, Stephen Lang, and Bruce Dern.

The film explores architect Tom Levin and his wife, Dr. Alice Dodgeson, when they rent a mid-century modern home for a weekend. Left alone with Alice at a job interview, Tom discovers the home was built by his idol – legendary architect and known occultist, Frederick Banner. Tom begins interacting with a striking ghost from the past who slowly brings Tom under her spell. Alice returns to find her husband missing, someone stalking her, and comes to the realization that she and Tom are pawns in the diabolical plot of the legendary architect who never left this home – even after his death.

Vivek Maddala is a four-time Emmy® award-winning composer and multi-instrumental performer. He has scored dozens of feature films, theater & dance productions, and TV programs. His music, which combines melodic symphony writing with modern textures from around the world, has been described as “an emotive frenzy of guitar, percussion, brass, woodwinds, and strings.” For more information, see his website http://maddala.com/vivek/index.html

The horror thriller was released by Lionsgate to select theaters and on demand and digital platforms on June 17, 2022, and is now also available on Blu-ray and DVD.

The digital soundtrack album is now available from Amazon, Spotify, and other digital music sources.

–  via filmmusicreporter and other sources

Listen to Vivek Maddala’s Main Title theme from MID-CENTURY:

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