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January 12, 2021

Carter Burwell Score Gets 2-CD Expanded Soundtrack for PSYCHO III via Intrada

Oakland (CA) based soundtrack label Intrada announces the world premiere release of complete Carter Burwell soundtrack for PSYCHO III on 2 CDs. The second modern sequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous thriller in 1960, finds infamous motel proprietor and serial killer Norman Bates in 1986, returning for third tale, as Anthony Perkins not only gives us renewed look at Norman but is also occupying the director’s chair this go-around.

PSYCHO III also gave composer Carter Burwell his first big studio feature. Burwell immediately creates his own voice to franchise’s musical signature with a sparse primary theme built from repeating minor-key chord progression colored by electronic pizzicato string effects, subtle choral fragments. There’s also a spooky new facet to the score via a flashback scene of Emma (from the first sequel) which becomes an important theme throughout score—and much more.

Intrada’s 2-CD set including sequences not heard in final film, source music, and six additional alternate versions. Also included is the CD premiere of the original 31-minute 1986 MCA vinyl album.  Over two hours of music all-total, all mastered from original scoring session mixes and album masters, courtesy Universal and UMG.

Available while quantities and interest remain – see Intrada.

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