Varèse RUNNING MAN SEAQUEST DSV Deluxe Club Releases

June 12, 2020

June CD Club Soundtracks from Varèse Sarabande Records: THE RUNNING MAN and SEAQUEST DSV

Varese Club RuningMan & seaQuest_

Today Varèse Sarabande Records has announced the newest additions to its limited edition CD Club: THE RUNNING MAN (Deluxe Edition) and SEAQUEST DSV (Deluxe Edition), which are now available exclusively through The CD Club launched its official start in 1989 and has been a staple of the label ever since, relaunching titles from renowned composers such as John Williams and Ennio Morricone.

THE RUNNING MAN (Deluxe Edition), was composed by GRAMMY®-winning composer Harold Faltermeyer (BEVERLY HILLS COP, TOP GUN, COP OUT, and the upcoming film TOP GUN: MAVERICK). The original (1987) 17-track album has been expanded to 35 tracks, which include additional music and unreleased and alternate cues. The album was remastered from the original Paramount Pictures sources. The package features original artwork, images from the film and a booklet with extensive liner notes by film music journalist Daniel Schweiger.

“Scoring The Running Man was a rather big challenge,” said Faltermeyer on this special deluxe edition release. “After the urban and bouncy score for BEVERLY HILLS COP, and the epic and heroic score for TOP GUN, I was facing a new territory. THE RUNNING MAN needed a dark, ominous sound design with a new sound library we had to create. It was fun working on this movie and it’s great to see that after all these years, there is still a vivid interest. I was very delighted when I heard that Varèse Sarabande would be releasing the entire score!”

THE RUNNING MAN is presented in a limited collector’s edition of 2,000 copies.

The TV series SEAQUEST DSV (1993-96) was set in 2018, when a political organization called the United Earth Oceans (UEO) formed in response to the colonization of the deep sea. Keeping peace among the various inter-oceanic conflicts is the grand, futuristic seaQuest DSV (“Deep Submergence Vehicle”). The series was created by Rockne S. O’Bannon and produced by Steven Spielberg. The soundtrack was composed and conducted by Emmy®-winning composer, John Debney (CUTTHROAT ISLAND, THE ORVILLE, IRON MAN 2, THE JUNGLE BOOK). The original (1995) 14-track album has been expanded to 58 tracks and two CDs. The album was remastered from the original sources provided by Debney. Disc one features music from the show’s pilot episode, while disc two features music from selected episodes from Season One curated by the composer. The deluxe set features eight pages of extensive liner notes from film music journalist Tim Greiving and from the show’s creator, Rockne S. O’Bannon.

“SEAQUEST holds a special place in my heart,” said John Debney on the occasion of the deluxe edition release. “It was an exciting time for me working with Amblin and Steven Spielberg. I had done a wonderful Civil War pilot for Steven called THE CLASS OF ’61—although the pilot didn’t sell, Steven liked what I’d done and soon after invited me to work on the SEAQUEST pilot. I’ll never forget composing what was basically a teaser for the show. We recorded at the old Evergreen studios in Burbank. The teaser turned out well and shortly after presenting to NBC, I got the call that the show was a ‘Go.’

“Working on the show was a dream and frequently Steven would send a note expressing his love for the score. Created by the amazing Rockne S. O’Bannon, SEAQUEST was a show ahead of its time, speaking to the human condition and important environmental issues. Every week was a new adventure and I’m so grateful to Steven, Amblin, and the wonderful directors and producers I met on the show. I hope you enjoy the amazing performances of the Los Angeles recording musicians who always brought their ‘A’ game!”

SEQUEST DSV is release in a limited collector’s edition of 1,500 copies

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