November 11, 2019

Christopher Lennertz’s soundtrack to THE BOYS coming to vinyl from Mondo

At noontime on Wednesday November 13, Mondo will release a vinyl edition of Christopher Lennertz’s soundtrack to Amazon Prime’s original series THE BOYS – retitled THE SEVEN to refer to the crooked superhero team that The Boys rally against in the series.

Based on the graphic novel of the same name, THE BOYS tackles our modern obsession with superheroes in media with a biting satire of modern politics and the abuse of power from a fictional League of Heroes who may need to be taken down a peg. Amazon Prime’s eight-episode first season (a second season is now underway) translated the comic into an intriguing and violent on the idea of super-hero as villain (an interesting variant in the era of BRIGHTBURN, THE BOYS was an irreverent and intriguing take on what happens when a group of superheroes abuse their powers rather than use them for good). Lennertz’s score is unique in its gritty sound palette, mixing the scruffy Boys against the not-so-heroic Seven, and skewing the familiar concept of superhero music in a most intriguing manner.

Christopher Lennertz (AGENT CARTER, LOST IN SPACE) has composed a blistering, propulsive score for the darkly comedic series that adeptly parodies the musical landscape of propoganda, all while being a terrific soundtrack to the ensuing action drama that unfolds when the “Supes” collide with the titular anti-heroes tasked with being their checks and balances. Madison Square Records released a digital soundtrack album last July (see details here), but Mondo’s vinyl release is the first soundtrack of the score on physical media.

Mondo’s 2XLP album includes new artwork by Jack Hughes along with liner notes by composer Lennertz, series creators Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, and showrunner Eric Kripke. The vinyl discs are pressed on 2X 180 Gram “Compound V” colored vinyl; also available on 2X 180 Gram Black vinyl.

Mondo expects to ship orders this month – and offers free shipping for vinyl orders through 11:59 PM (CT) on Weds, Nov. 13.

Featuring original artwork by Jack Hughes, liner notes by composer Christopher Lennertz, series creators Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, and showrunner Eric Kripke, and pressed on 2X 180 Gram “Compound V” colored vinyl (also available on 2X 180 Gram Black vinyl).

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