July 25, 2019

Intrada premieres Christopher Young’s Score to VIRTUOSITY

Christopher Young gave this 1995 science fiction crime thriller a complex electronic and powerhouse orchestral score, which has never had a commercial soundtrack release until now.

Directed by Brett Leonard (THE LAWNMOWER MAN, MAN-THING, HIDEAWAY), the film stars Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Kelly Cuoco, Louise Fletcher, William Forsythe, and Kelly Lynch. Washington plays a flawed cop seeking redemption, with Crowe as an artificially-created serial killer who is the object of the cop’s pursuit. Much of the action takes place in a virtual reality setting (a new concept for this 1995 film), culminating in a spectacular chase inside, around, through, and across dizzying skyscrapers.

“In perceptive fashion, Young creates 50 minutes of complex techno-electronic music for first two thirds of flashy film,” writes Intrada. “Then, in audacious display of scoring chops, Young literally attacks with full orchestral music written in his most ferocious fortissimo vernacular… The sudden aural effect of switching from synthesized material to more than 20 minutes of massive orchestral action music is nothing short of riveting!”

Intrada’s 76-minute CD release includes informative notes by John Takis in a colorful flipper-style booklet designed by Kay Marshall that allows listeners to choose their favorite cover.

For details, sample tracks, and to order, see intrada

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