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September 13, 2018

Hellbound: Hellraiser II’s 30th Anniversary Edition Vinyl Features Two Never Released Tracks

Hellbound Hellraiser-II vinyl

Horror soundtrack collectors take note: Lakeshore Records will release Christopher Young’s score to HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II in honor of the film’s 30th Anniversary, featuring two tracks previously never released on vinyl.  The record will come in Red with Black Smoke “Bloodshed” vinyl and a foil embossed album art treatment. The album drops in October in stores and online. Check back here for more information or subscribe to Lakeshore’s Film Music Daily online newsletter


Side A
01. Hellbound / Second Sight Séance 7:29
02. Looking Through a Woman 5:30
03. Something to Think About 4:26

Side B
04.‘Skin Her Alive’ 1:47
05. Stringing the Puppet 4:56*
06. Hall of Mirrors 7:47
07. Dead or Living? 2:51

Side C
08. Leviathan 3:25
09. Sketch with Fire 2:56
10. Chemical Entertainment 6:36

Side D
11. Obscene Kiss 5:00*
12. Headless Wizard 5:33
13. What’s Your Pleasure? 3:11

*Previously unreleased on vinyl


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