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July 23, 2022

Clint Mansell Scores Gothic Horror Thriller SHE WILL

SHE WILL is a 2021 British psychological horror comedy-drama film. It is a directorial debut by Charlotte Colbert who is also the writer for the film. The film stars Alice Krige as an aging film star who goes to a healing retreat in Scotland with her nurse after a double mastectomy. It turns out the place where she stays is the site where women were burnt as witches in the 1700s; their ashes fill the land and give her the power to exact revenge in her dreams. What follows is a tale of empowerment and witchcraft drawn from the earth, which is both horrific yet uplifting. The film co-stars Malcolm McDowell, John McCrea, and Rupert Everett; the BIFA nominated film won the golden leopard for best first film at the Locarno Film Festival.

The film has been scored by Clint Mansell (BLACK SWAN, THE FOUNTAIN, REBECCA, NOAH, STOKER, co-composer of TITANS, DOOM PATROL, and PEACEMAKER); Mercury has released a digital soundtrack which has been released on July 15 and is available from the usual sources. A vinyl edition will reportedly be coming out on August 5 and is available to order here. Mansell has also recently scored the BBC mini-series THE PURSUIT OF LOVE written and directed by Emily Mortimer and starring Lily James, Andrew Scott, Emily Beecham and Dominic West. The 3-parter premiered last month in the UK and is currently awaiting a domestic debut date.

– via filmmusicreporter and other sources.

Watch the film’s trailer on YouTube here

Listen to Mansell’s track “Incantation” from SHE WILL:

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