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August 8, 2022

La-La Land Records Announces CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND & E.T.: THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL Anniversary Limited Edition Re-Issue CDs

In celebration of John Williams’ 90th birthday and the classic film E.T.’s 40th anniversary, the label presents a 2-CD reissue of their restored, remastered re-issue of legendary composer John Williams’ original motion picture score to the beloved 1982 classic feature film, E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL. Produced by Mike Matessino & Bruce Botnick and mixed and mastered in hi-resolution from original studio vault elements, this special 2-CD release is limited to 5000 units and features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by Matessino, as well as celestially wondrous package design by Jim Titus including new cover art approved by the director.

NOTE: Aside from the “40th Anniversary” notation and slight revisions to the CD’s front cover, this re-issue utilizes the same master and overall content as our previous 35th Anniversary 2-CD release.

Also announced is a 45th Anniversary Edition 2-CD Re-Issue of Williams’ CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. The 1977 landmark feature film CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, directed by Steven Spielberg. This deluxe 2-CD edition, mixed and mastered by Mike Matessino in consultation with the composer and director, was inspired by the discovery that Williams had originally planned the soundtrack as a 75-minute double LP. Disc One of this presentation takes its lead from that initial intent, expanding and organizing the score as a grand symphony contained on a single disc; Disc Two offers an equally fresh experience of the score, comprised of discrete versions of cues, alternates and selections not heard on Disc One, plus many of the 1977 album tracks, as well as previously unreleased source music recorded for the film. Matessino’s exclusive liner notes explore this iconic, majestic score, while Jim Titus’ art design handsomely recalls all those joyous feelings generated by one of the greatest science fiction film experiences of all time. This is a limited edition release of 5000 units.

NOTE: Aside from the “45th Anniversary” notation on the CD’s front cover, this re-issue utilizes the same master and overall content as our previous 45th Anniversary 2-CD release.

If you missed out on these releases when they were first offered, this is a great opportunity o get them at this time. They can be ordered now from www.lalalandrecords.com.

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