December 10, 2018

BSX presents Popular Songs From Sci-Fi And Fantasy compilation album

Star_Beyond_Time-Digital_cover.jpgScience fiction and fantasy films haven’t just inspired classic and terrific musical scores. In some cases they’ve also generated some pretty cool – and classic – songs as well. Buysoundtrax Digital recognizes this in its newly-recorded collection of songs heard in popular science fiction and fantasy films and television shows. Included are tracks from such memorable movies as BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE, KRULL, HIGHLANDER, BLADE RUNNER, SILENT RUNNING, THE HUNGER GAMES, as well as many memorable television favorites like THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO, DOLLHOUSE, FIREFLY, BUCK ROGERS, STAR TREK ENTERPRISE and more – even the cutely infectious SHARKNADO 3-OH HELL, NO!’s “Ballad of Sharknado.”  Each song is newly recorded by BuySoundtrax in the style of  the original, with the unique singing talents of such vocalists as Katie Campbell, Zoë Poledouris Roché, Brian “Hacksaw” Williams, Raya Yarbrough, Karen Hogle Brown, and others.

The album is now available for digital download (24 bit wav and MP3 files including a PDF booklet). To sample some of the songs or to order, see buysoundtrax.

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