Them Horrors

April 5, 2021

THE WITCH’S Mark Korven Scores Amazon Prime Series THEM

THEM is a limited anthology series that explores terror in America. For the first season, 1950s-set COVENANT centers around a Black family who move from North Carolina to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood during the period known as The Great Migration, and their idyllic home becomes ground zero for malevolent forces who seek to threaten, ravage, and destroy them. The series was created by Little Marvin and executive produced by him and Lena Waithe; the season stars Deborah Ayorinde, Ashley Thomas, Alison Pill, Melody Hurd, Shahadi Wright Joseph and Ryan Kwanten.

Composer Mark Korven is known for scoring Robert Eggers’ acclaimed thrillers THE WITCH and THE LIGHTHOUSE, as well as Vincenzo Natali’s IN THE TALL GRASS, and the second season (“INFAMY”) of the AMC series THE TERROR.

THEM will premiere on April 9, 2021 on Amazon Prime.

– via filmmusicreporter and other sources

Update April 8, 2021: Listen to Korven’s main title from THEM exclusively (for now) on Vehlinggo.

Watch the series’ teaser trailer:

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