They Called Her The Whisper

January 13, 2022

Composer Tori Letzler’s industrial synth score brings us IN FROM THE COLD on Netflix

Netflix’s new sci-fi spy series IN FROM THE COLD is coming to streaming on January 28. The series tells the story of an American single mom, exposed as an ex-Russian spy, who must juggle family life and her unique shape-shifting skills in a battle against an insidious enemy.

Showrunner Adam Glass (COLD CASE, SUPERNATURAL) wanted a synthetic score in which vocals were going to be prominent and selected Tori Letzler to provide an industrial, synth-heavy score for the series.

Perhaps best known for her work as a vocalist on projects like WONDER WOMAN, CAPTAIN MARVEL, and AMERICAN HORROR STORY, as well as her solo work as an EDM artist and electronic producer under the moniker TINYKVT, Tori is making a splash using her diverse talents and eclectic experiences to compose striking film and TV scores, such as INCISION (2020), PICTURE PERFECT MYSTERIES (2019), THE DEAD GIRLS DETECTIVE AGENCY (2018), and ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE 2: THE LAST SUPERHERO (2016).

Tori Letzler – IMDB Photo

Music plays an important role in the show, and Tori believes score is as important a character as anyone appearing on camera. Involved from day one, she was first inspired by a Russian folk song and wrote a Russian lullaby the main villain sings that features as a prominent cornerstone in the story. From there she composed entire theme suites based on the emotions in the script. No temp music was used in production, electing to use Tori’s suites as temp instead.

As the series flashes back to the main character’s past, Tori also wrote a synth-heavy score based on the grunge and grittiness of 90’s industrial music, adding a feminine edge to it with soft and weirdly-affected vocals using sting-vocal processing. She also utilized some astonishing analog scoring using Eurorack and other synths.

For more details on the composer, see

Watch the teaser trailer to IN FROM THE COLD:

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