Hans Zimmer comments on alleged sound issues with INTERSTELLAR

In recent weeks since the release of Christopher Nolan’s science fiction film INTERSTELLAR, concerns have been expressed by moviegoers who have complained that the film’s sound-mix included 

Interstellar_soundtrack_album_covermusic that overpowered dialog and made it incomprehensible at key moments of the film. 

Nolan has commented that the film’s sound was intentionally “mixed with an emphasis on the music,” at the expense of constantly coherent dialog.

In a new story by Kirsten Acuna posted Nov. 19 on Business Inside, Zimmer spoke out on the film’s sound mix.  “”We want it to be bold,” he said.  “It was really important for me that people wouldn’t hear this music detached from the movie for the first time on their little computer speaker because that’s not what it was designed for.

“I want to go and write music that announces to you that you can feel something. I don’t want to tell you what to feel, but I just want you to have the possibility of feeling something.”

Zimmer emphasized the function of the music in INTERSTELLAR, much like a previous collaboration with Nolan on INCEPTION, was experiential.  The story proceeds as it does intentionally, unfolding through dialog as well as music, sound effects, and the visual imagery.  “I want to take you on a journey that you haven’t been on. And, I want to take you on an adventure. And it’s not a science class. These days we’re being fed nothing but information, but emotionally, I think we get less and less experience in anything because … everything is so cleaned up and we’re losing the edge … the mystery of things.” 

 Read the full story at Business Insider here

The INTERSTELLAR soundtrack is being released by Watertower Music in three forms: “Star Wheel Constellation Chart Digipak”(16 tracks), “Digital Deluxe Album” (23 tracks) and “The Illuminated Star Projection Edition” in special illuminated star projection packaging consisting of 28 CDs (28 tracks).  For details see http://www.myplaydirect.com/interstellar-soundtrack

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